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How To Remodel a Bathroom?

Bathroom Remodel

Remodel a Bathroom

This project of Interior design is intended for an of them areas more complex of the House: the bathroom, a space that is frequent is let in the forgetting, although is of use daily. In general, a renovation for this sector is complicated by the facilities that have, and because its smaller size makes believe that it is difficult to remodel.

Tools and materials

Tools to use:

· Chisel
· Jig
· Rotary Hammer
· Cordless drill
· French key
· Cayman
· Wrench
· Spatula
· Notched trowel
· Useth
· Bucket concrete
· Gloves safety
· Safety glasses
· Mask

Materials to be used:

· Perforated joint tape
· PuTTY for joints
· Mesh mosaic
· Cure
· Porcelain
· Bonding porcelain
· Toilet One Piece San Giorgio c / seat
· Receptacle acrylic Rectangular 72 x 120 x 7 cm
· Bulkhead of shower 140 by 75 cm
· Vanity



To make a remodeling should determine the style and concept that you want to give to the bathroom, this is the decorative line, colors, furniture. This affects the colors of ceramics, furniture, and accessories. In this case, it chose the line Acqua, by what is chose porcelain white and mosaics tons green water beige and white.

Step by step how to remodel a bathroom?

1. Make wall divider

A curb is a wall that does not go wall to wall, but has its inception stuck on another wall, but leaves open, creating a division or kind of door. In this case, the curb was made to cover half the space in the shower, in order to separate it from the Toilet and turn the latter on its own axis.

The curb is made equal to a partition, Metals in C, and U profiles than are covered with textured cement to ensure adequate surface to paste ceramics. Them joints are covered with tape and paste together Plac.

2. Switch outputs and inputs of water

According to the modifications to assess the need to change the waste location? e of the Toilet and the water outlet of the artifacts, either shower, sink, and toilet

3. Install the ceramic

Paste ceramics or porcelain chose for bathing, using the adhesive suitable according to the material and surface. Start the walls and then the floor. Leave them spaces to paste them mosaics.


One of the enemies of the bathroom are fungi, which often stay in the quarries of the ceramics. Therefore, one option is to choose porcelain; more resistant cladding, it is also that the palmettes can install a punch to the other, without flags? e, where fungi could stay.

4. Paste them mosaics

The mosaic will be glued onto the curb and 2 vertical stripes. Mosaic paddle measuring 30 x 30 cm, in some cases, may be too wide for the result that is sought, therefore with cartonero knife can cut on the back.

Stick with the same adhesive for porcelain or ceramic, depending on who is using.

5. Install the shower

For the sector of the shower, you can choose a receptacle, as in the case of this project, or a bathtub. In both cases the connection to the waste? and is made of the same way. The bathtub requires a bed and structure containing it. To know the detail of a shower installation can see the video how to connect to the drinking water network.

6. Install the shower enclosure

With an enclosure for shower curtains are avoided. The screens are doors, generally with a bit of transparency, which can go on Rails or pivots.

In this case, it is fixed with pins to the wall, allowing you to open it by 180 °.

7. Install the Toilet

Introduce the new WC and mark the location of the holes. Make the holes on the floor, the ceramic and rest of the material.

8. Install the vanity

The vanity chosen in superscript, this means that it is fixed to the wall and does not have the floor supports. It comes with a table cut at 45 ° to be fastened to the wall with screws and dowels that come with the kit.

Once it is well fixed this table you can hang the vanity.

9. Install the mirror and accessory

Choose a mirror and accessories that go on the same line, e.g. chrome. Mirror installed at a suitable height for the users of the bathroom.

Them accessories as porta roll, hooks for the towels and the mirror is set to them walls making first a hole in the ceramic with bit tip arrow, change to a bit of concrete or wood, according to is the case, is puts the anchor and is screwed.

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